Those Unplanned Moments

Copyright Ronn Thwaites 2018

I was assisting in a street photography workshop with the homeless organisation that I work with and was showing a participant how you can get unusual shots by shooting along railings. The cyclist came into shot at the exact moment I pressed the shutter; there was no waiting for him to come into view or thinking about what I was trying to achieve

It was a totally unplanned moment where all of the elements came together

Zen and Taoist philosophy speaks about using spontaneity and non-forceful action to achieve results and I’m always experimenting in how I can use a more ‘Mindful’ approach in my street photography sessions to get happy accidents like this

One thought on “Those Unplanned Moments

  1. That’s fab. I was just commenting on another blog that my best ideas come up spontaneously in my daily meditation, and my best results when I’m out shooting and my plans go wrong and I have to be spontaneous.

    Your post was instant serendipity.

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