The ‘Reflective’ Photographer

Copyright Ronn Thwaites 2018

Reflective Practice is something I was taught to use during my training in both Cognitive Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness Based approaches. It’s used as a method of self-analysis to understand, evaluate and interpret our own thoughts and actions for the purpose of continuous learning and self-development

It also helps to ensure that when working in any kind of therapy that your wellbeing is being monitored, maintained and not compromised. It is normally carried out by physically writing out your thoughts and feelings and is then discussed in conjunction with a supervisor

It might seem that this practice would have little relevance to photography but Reflective Practice is one of the best things I’ve found to improve as a photographer. It’s a ‘mindful’ way to explore your photography without in an objectice way with the intention being to learn and improve

By taking the time to note down your thoughts, feelings and stories that you’re telling yourself about your own photography you can explore gain insights, ideas and take actions that perhaps you haven’t been aware of before

It can also help to stop that critical voice that many of us can have running round in our heads which can lead us into unhelpful behaviours, lack of confidence in our work and creative blocks that stop us in our tracks

I use a simple Reflective Practice process of answering three questions after photography sessions:

1 – What did I do well today?

2 – What do I want to improve for next time?

3 – What can I do differently that could lead to this improvement?

By taking the time to write my answers down it helps me to learn and develop as a photographer and improve my approach; it’s also something that I’d really recommend people experiment with to see how it can help them too




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