Mental Health, Mindfulness & Photography

Copyright Ronn Thwaites 2018Currently putting together the final details together for the first ‘One Camera One Lens’ mindfulness photography workshop for 2018; I’m updating the content and layout to focus even more on the mindfulness based aspects which I’ve been experimenting with personally for the past year

I started studying mindfulness seriously back in 2010 having dabbled with meditation through studying martial arts and Taoism for many years. It was coming across the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn that really got me started and this led me to study with the The Centre for Mindfulness Research & Practice at Bangor University

Using mindfulness techniques has made a huge difference to my life in regards to regulating moods, managing anxiety and keeping myself focused. Mindfulness has had a positive impact on my wellbeing, resilience and mental health without any doubt in my mind

When I picked up my first DSLR in 2016 that I found a new way to experience mindfulness via photography and have been studying ways to use mindfulness based applications in photography to increase wellbeing and mental health ever since

The ‘One Camera One Lens’ workshops will be starting in June in and around London; full details will be posted soon


3 thoughts on “Mental Health, Mindfulness & Photography

  1. How fab to hear that photography is mindfulness to you as well. When my camera is in front of my face I slow down, notice, zone in, and my mind becomes still.

    Because of financial commitments I’m not in a position to book on your course at the moment, but I would love to know when you run future ones. I’d like to attend.

    Best wishes for your first course.

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