Psychogeography – The ‘Community Tank’

Copyright Ronn Thwaites 2018The pressure to build housing in London never seems to stop or let up in pace

Any space that can be built upon seems to be used; spaces between railway lines, old industrial areas, buildings being converted, new builds rubbing shoulders with the old. Some plots will feature one or two blocks, others contain complete housing estates with spaces for hundreds of new residents

The need for housing is clearly there but I often wonder just how much consideration is given to the added pressure put on the transport infrastructure, schools, doctors and hospitals

It always reminds me of when I use to keep tropical fish as a youngster. When starting a ‘Community Tank’ containing a variety of fish, you always had a formula that worked out how many fish of you could put into an aquarium depending upon its size and the volume of water it could contain

You also had to think about how much waste matter there would be, how much filtration would be needed, the size of the fish and how compatible they would be with each other

Anyone who tried to cram too many fish in or put the wrong species together soon found out what the consequences would be. Fights, stressed fish, lack of oxygen, too much waste resulted in stinking aquariums and dead or diseased fish

In London I really wonder what formula the architects and planners are using for their ‘Community Tanks’ because if they get it wrong the results might well be the same

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