Experimenting with ‘Mindful’ Photography

Copyright Ronn Thwaites 2018
Copyright Ronn Thwaites 2018

This year has been an interesting personal experiment in finding a way to bring together all of the different elements from my training. I wanted to use my experience as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Coach and Mindfulness Based Practitioner to developing a ‘Mindful’ approach to my photography and the work I do with other people

I know from personal experience just how much of a difference having a mindfulness practice can have on a persons wellbeing and I’ve tried lots of different formats for my mindfulness based training, coaching and workshops with both individuals and organisations. The natural progression for me this year has been putting the photography element into my own daily mindfulness practice and then developing workshops and coaching programmes for others

Reflecting nine months in since starting this experiment, the results so far have been really positive.  Personally I’ve noticed a change in my moods, attitude, creativity and general wellbeing and people who’ve attended workshops have been really positive about it too

Going forwards I’d like to develop this blog into a resource for people who are interested in using mindful photography so will be making some changes over the coming weeks. This will  include adding more practical content about developing a mindful photography practice following my own ‘One Camera One Lens’ approach

Really looking forward to sharing and developing this approach with you all


2 thoughts on “Experimenting with ‘Mindful’ Photography

  1. Would you agree, Ron, that if one is ‘mindful’ or practices meditation, then that practice would inform and enhance their other creative practices. Or do you think there is a separate ‘practice’ involved, specific to the creative venture – photography, drawing, acting or whatever?

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    1. That’s a great question. I’ve found that in my experience having a mindfulness practice has definitely helped my creativity around my photography as it helps me to be present in the moment; other friends who are writers have also found that mindfulness has helped them too. On the flip side of this I also know people who’ve found mindfulness has been of no help what so ever with being creative and use other methods! From experience I would say it can be a very individual thing


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