Why I use a ‘One Camera One Lens’ Approach to street photography

Here’s a photo of the gear that I currently use for all of my street photography sessions:

Copyright Ronn Thwaites 2018
Copyright Ronn Thwaites 2018

The camera is a second hand Canon 100d from the lovely people at MPB that I’ve had just over a year. The lens is a Canon 50mm which was a birthday present from a few years back. I have a Canon 40mm pancake lens that’s sometimes used and along with a couple of spare batteries and memory cards that’s it

There’s a very good reason why I’ve taken this approach and it’s all to do with my previous obsession with buying too much stuff!

A while ago I’d got to an age where I’d been thinking about just how much stuff I’d managed to accumulate over the years when it came to hobbies and interests. My main problem was that once I got into something, I really got into it; I had to have everything associated with it, the gear, the books, the gadgets. Most of this stuff never actually ended up being used and was usually stored in my loft or sold off at a massive loss

I also had that mindset that once I had something I was convinced I needed to upgrade it to the newest, shiny thing that had just come out. When I got my first DSLR a few years ago all seemed well at first then the same old issues about having more stuff started to surface. I’d only had it a few months when I’d managed to convince myself that if I wanted to be a ‘Proper’ street photographer I needed to get myself a Fujifilm x100! Thankfully funds were not available to do it but I was always checking out other cameras, convinced my second hand Cannon wasn’t up to scratch. It got to the point that I was spending more time stressing over what I didn’t have then actually getting out and doing any street photography sessions.  

When I had to replace my previous second hand Canon after I’d damaged it I decided I’d had enough of my old ways and was determined to do something different. I got a replacement camera that was within my budget and could use the same lens I already had, a few spare batteries and that was it. I also made a vow to myself that I would stick with this setup for a whole year before making any decisions about upgrading or changing

The plan has worked and it’s just over a year since I started using this setup. I’m even more pleased to report that I didn’t change anything and at the moment have no intention of doing so. This setup suits my needs, has saved me money and means I’m not stressing about what other lenses to use all of the time. It’s also cleared a lot of mental clutter as I’m not thinking about other cameras that I need or other gear to buy

This ‘One Camera One Lens’ approach has really worked for me and helped curbed my constant need for even more stuff; if you’re a fellow sufferer of this syndrome give it a go as you might be surprised about the difference it can make to your life

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