Starting in April

Copyright Ronn Thwaites 2019

I decided in January to take bit of time to decide what I wanted to do with my photography and this blog. This has meant spending the last three months thinking about the direction I wanted to go in, the sort of photography I wanted to be doing and the people I wanted to both connect with and work with

This has involved lots of good walks with friends to sound out ideas, pilot workshops, lots of reading (especially stuff by the brilliant Seth Godin) and dipping my toes in the water of various options. It’s been a really useful exercise which has given me some ideas about what to do and where to go with it all

Starting in April I want to concentrate on and develop an idea about how to use mindfulness based techniques and principles from Psychogeography in photography as a way to help increase how people can connect with the environment around them in a more mindful way. This will include blog posts to help people think about and put ideas into practice, more workshops and links to relevant articles that I come across and feel are worth sharing

I’d really like to build a resource for people who want to explore how to use their photography in a different way; it won’t be for everyone but my hope is that it will be for a community of like minded people who really want to explore how using a mindful approach can make a difference to how they think about, feel about and experience their world

Really looking forwards to kicking this project off and hope you’ll get involved too

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