Noticing What’s Around You

I was recently walking near my workplace with a couple of colleagues and was pointing out some of the things that I’ve photographed on recent Mindful Street & Urban Landscape Photography Workshops. Both of them have walked past the same things on many occasions but have never seen them and were intrigued by how I’d first noticed them

The key for me to noticing what’s around me when I set out with my camera is to slow things down, walk slowly and scan my environment to take in as much as I can. Taking this mindful approach for me means being fully present, not trying to force finding something to photograph and just allowing things to unfold as they do

One tip that really makes a difference, although it might seem obvious, is to remember to look up and down, not just straight ahead; it’s amazing what you might spot when you do this

Here’s some shots from things I noticed today;

Give it a go next time you’re out and see what you notice too!

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