Finding What Works For You

You might be like me and love to read about the routines of photographers, writers and artists to find out how they create; I can personally spend hours reading about this subject and have often tried to copy other people to see if it would help me to become more creative and productive

What I’ve found is that as useful as other peoples routines can be it’s even more important to find your own approach that works for you. We’re all very different and what’s productive for one person can actually block another. On workshops I get participants to try different approaches on the day so they can experiment but the idea is for them to go off and develop their own routine that suits them

After lots of experimentation I found that I loved doing Street and Urban Landscape Photography and using a very stripped back, minimalist ‘One Camera One Lens’ approach is right for me. I carry the bare minimum with me everyday, shoot on my way to and from work or lunchtimes and use the basic free photo editing software such as Snapseed to process my images. This allows me to follow a more mindful approach where the gear is less important than the actual experience of taking photographs

For other people this approach would be too restrictive and not suit their style of photography; it might be fun to do occasionally but would actually stop them being as creative as they normally are with their usual approach. This is why I always advise people to play about with different styles of photography, different routines, etc to find what works best for them

If you do give the ‘One Camera One Lens’ Mindful Photography approach a go I’d love to hear from you about your experiences and how you found it

2 thoughts on “Finding What Works For You

  1. I’ve experimented with different styles too and also settled for a minimalist approach. It’s less confrontational and requires more observation and thoughtfulness before pressing the shutter. I always smile at images like the one above. It is easy to imagine some disgruntled trumpet player smashing that hole in the middle of the sign with the blunt end of his instrument .

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    1. Agree with you about the observation and thoughtfulness before pressing the shutter; find this approach just works for me better with a minimalist approach. The sign make me smile as well as it’s outside of a noisy pub with people normally shouting down their mobile phones outside!

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