A New Year & A New Approach

As 2019 starts to draw to a close I’ve been reflecting on what’s been a really challenging year for all sorts of reasons and what I’d like to make 2020 about

I’ve spent lots of time thinking about what I’d like to learn, develop and share as a photographer. I’ve also thought about what my real passion is as a photographer and what I’d really like to be blogging about on a regular basis

So my plan for 2020 is to concentrate on the following areas:

I’ll be exploring the connections between wildlife photography and wellbeing. This is a subject close to my heart as getting out and doing more wildlife photography has really helped me manage the trials and tribulations of 2019. Also as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist I’ve experimented in the past with Nature Guided Therapy and the possible benefits this approach can bring and know just how effective it can be

Experimenting with more colour photography as sometimes certain wildlife shots just scream out for a bit of colour! This will be a big learning curve for me but one I’m looking forward to tackling

I know this will be a big departure from my usual posts about Street & Urban Landscape photography and I hope the people who already follow me will continue to do so; I also hope that the information will both help and attract other people to come on board as well

Have a great Christmas and New Year and see you all in 2020

Copyright Ronn Thwaites Photography 2019

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