Sitting & Waiting

On a recent session I decided to try a different approach to my bird photography to see what results it would bring

At a local gardens they’ve installed a small hide with feeders along side the small river that flows through it. Normally I have a slow wander around a venue until I find what I’m looking for but on this particular session I sat in the hide and just waited. I tuned into the sounds and sights around me and just let things unfold as they did

I decided not to take any shots initially so I could get a sense of what was going on and what patterns of behaviour were in place. As an experiment I also did a mindful breathing exercise just to get myself even more settled and aware

There was the usual constant comings and goings of the Blue Tits and Great Tits with the Robins picking up the scraps on the floor in competition with the family of Brown Rats that are an ever present. The odd Sparrow and Wood Pigeon put in an appearance but rather than hurry to take photos I just carried on letting it all happen in front of me

A Nuthatch appeared from nowhere on the feeder, grabbed some food and flew off again as quickly as it appeared. I got the camera ready on the ledge of the hide for it to come back and managed to get a couple of usable shots before disappeared for the day

Really pleased that trying this new approach paid off as it’s the first time I’ve managed to get any shots of these beautiful little birds

Copyright Ronn Thwaites Photography 2020
Copyright Ronn Thwaites Photography 2020

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