Working Within Constraints

Using a wide angle lens with remote triggers is still the area of most interest to me within urban wildlife photography. Really like the images you can get and it’s just something a little bit different to the usual images I take

However I’m aware of the constraints of doing this type of photography which include:

Missing out on a lot of possible images as the camera is in a set position and I can’t react to them

Any subject will need to be pretty close to the lens to get the types of images I like and it’s a challenge to not scare them away before you take the photo

It takes a lot of trial and error (and a lot of usable images) to get the type of image I like

However I find working within these types of constraints helps keep me focused and on track; when I don’t have them I often end up less productive and have more of a scatter gun approach to my photography

There will be a lot of learning (and lots of swearing!) to be done but I believe this is where the growth is for me as a photographer. I’m also really looking forward to sharing my progress, mistakes and successes and getting feedback, help and advice from people

Copyright Ronn Thwaites Photography 2020
Copyright Ronn Thwaites Photography 2020

2 thoughts on “Working Within Constraints

  1. That is a wonderful image! It’s a different perspective in this photo and I like it a lot. I am not sure I would be good at it but someday I will try and see what happens.

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    1. Thank you. Main reason for going down this route is that I’m using the kit from when I was doing street photography. Also I don’t like using big lenses with my current camera as it unbalances it.


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