Taking The Time To Learn

It’s tricky to get out and do any shooting during the current lockdown so I’m spending the time making a list of all the things I could be learning to make me a better photographer when I do get back out there

My list includes:

Learning how to edit my photos on different software other than Snapseed

Actually reading all of those photography books that are on my book shelf!

Finishing my photography courses on Creative Live

Really learning all of the settings on my Canon M50 and how to set it up for optimal performance

Photographing all of the stuff I want to eventually sell on Ebay to raise funds for new kit

Researching possible new venues on line for urban wildlife photography shoots

Depending upon how long this current situation lasts I might not get to do all of these or I might even add more; the one thing I’m determined to do is not to waste the time I currently have available and be an even better photographer when I do start shooting again

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