An Experiment In Minimalism

Even before our current situation I’d been having an audit of all the stuff I own and was in the process of listing items on Ebay, giving things away and donating to charity shops. These past few weeks of lockdown have really concentrated my mind about what I need to progress as a photographer and the way I want to go about doing it

As a person who had a tendency in the past to buy everything I possibly could for any hobby only to end up selling it all off at a loss I’ve realised that it would be very easy for me to full back into this trap as I travel the path as a wildlife photographer. Before I know it there’s a real possibility of a large collection of lenses, a new bag to carry them in and possibly a second camera!

When I started out doing street and urban landscape photography I was at my most productive and happiest when I had a ‘One camera One Lens’ mentality. With this approach I had a camera on me at all times, took photos everyday, learned lots and concentrated on the process rather than the gear

I’ve made the decision for the rest of 2020 to go back to this approach and will write about why I’ve made this decision, the gear I’ve chosen and the ways in which I’m going to use it as an urban wildlife photographer

Really looking forwards to sharing this path with people and getting your thoughts on it too

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2 thoughts on “An Experiment In Minimalism

  1. I am sure that too much paraphernalia can get in the way and become a source of anxiety or an end in itself. Travelling lightly makes sense. It is always interesting to work within the limits of the equipment one has – although of course it is tempting to try to push beyond those limits too, something I have to remind myself not to do!

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