Some Thoughts On Black & White Cat Photography

This photo was taken in both colour and black & white. The colour image actually distracted the eye from the cat because of all off the other colours in the scene

This is one of the reasons why I prefer my cat photography images in black & white as the focus can be more on the main subject and it gives them a reductive, timeless quality

I’d be interested to know peoples thoughts on black & white versus colour images for cats, animals and wildlife

5 replies to “Some Thoughts On Black & White Cat Photography

  1. I used to photograph cats a lot and almost always on black and white. But that’s also because black and white photography is what I do. Basically I do use colour only if the colour is the thing. And when you photograph cats, there are other things to pay attention and that’s why b/w is perfect. For the wildlife, sometimes the colour matters! it’s also about the purpose, nowadays, I guess, the documentary photography uses colour and b/w is seen more as an “art” photography, while decades ago it was other way around. All “serious” photography was done by using b/w. But if you are talking about cats, anything goes! But I am more used to b/w even though I have seen nice stuff on colour, too.

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  2. I don’t know, I have never done my cats in black and white. I LOVE the color of my tortie so I know I would miss her off whites and oranges. And my black cat is . . . well, black and sometimes the only way I can see her in a photograph are her green eyes. I do have to agree that this cat POPS in the this black and white photo!

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