More Street Photography Then Pet Photography

Having to start the blog again has given me an opportunity to go over all of my cat street photos from when I first started my cat street photography project during the first lockdown

At that time I was also thinking about starting to do pet photography sessions (which is still part of my plan) and I’ve noticed a lot of my images from that time are close up and often more like pet photography sessions than street photography. I still like a lot of these types of photos and will post them but this time around the plan is to zoom out a bit and put the subject more into context with where they are

In this way the photos will be more along the lines of what street photography is often defined as (although I’m sure the Street Photography Police on Instagram would disagree!) but instead of featuring people in their everyday environment it will be cats and occasionally dogs

I’d be interested to hear what you think about this so do leave a comment and start the conversation

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