My name is Ronn Thwaites and I’m a photographer based in London

I follow a ‘One Camera One Lens’ approach shooting black & white images whilst walking around the streets of London. My focus tends to be on the following areas:

Urban Architecture

Urban Shadows & Silhouettes

Urban Geometry

I’m a great believer in photographing whatever it is you want to photograph at the time and don’t particularly like putting labels on what I do. Whenever I’m asked I say ‘Urban Photography’ however please feel free to label it whatever you want as I won’t be offended!

During non-Covid times I run the Urban Photography Walks for small groups which look at using a ‘One Camera One Lens’ approach when doing urban photography

I recently made the switch over to Fujifilm and now use a Fujifilm X100V for all of my photography and try to make sure it’s with me whenever I’m off on a walk somewhere

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