My Approach To Urban Wildlife Photography

Copyright Ronn Thwaites Photography 2020

My name is Ronn Thwaites and I’m an urban wildlife photographer based in London

Although I’ve always had a great love of photography I didn’t get my first DSLR camera (a second hand Canon 1000d) until 2015. It was another two years before I really started taking photos seriously and street photography was my chosen area to learn how to do it

My passion, however, has always been wildlife photography and I now spend my time photographing the wildlife I come across in the parks, wasteland and urban spaces in London

As I did when shooting street images I tend to use a ‘One Camera One Lens’ approach to my photography using the minimum amount of kit to get my images of urban wildlife. I don’t use a tripod and prefer to handhold or place the camera on a beanbag to keep the weight of my gear down and stay mobile

I really enjoy remote shooting to enable me to get close without disturbing the creatures I’m photographing

My preference is to use prime lenses over zooms and my current set up consists of a Canon M50 with with either a 28mm f3.5 macro lens or my trusty Canon 50mm F1.8. I also use the Canon Camera Connect app on my phone to remote shoot

Thanks for reading