My Approach To Psychogeography Photography

Copyright Ronn Thwaites 2018

I’m a great fan of the principles of Psychogeography and often just ‘Drift’ around the streets of London taking photos of the spaces, places, people and things that catch my eye

My definition of Psychogeography Photography is photographing what it is within a geographical location that draws me in or pushes me away and has an impact on my behaviour, thoughts and feelings

I use a simple, stripped back, minimalist approach to photography; my current ‘One Camera One Lens’ set up consists of a Canon EOS 100D, Canon 50mm & 40mm prime lenses and photo editing tools such as Snapseed

My photos often focus on the odd, weird, lost and unusual things that I see and I tend not to take too many photographs of people when out on the streets. When I do take them I like angles that mean they can’t be easily identified!

I prefer the things that people often walk by without a second glance; the lost things, the out-of-place, the strange and unusual

In the ‘Real World’ I’m a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Trainer and Coach who specialises in anger management workshops and one-to-one interventions

Thanks for looking and reading

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