About Me & My Approach To Photography

Copyright Ronn ThwaitesAbout Me

I’m a London-based Street Photographer who likes to photograph the places, buildings, people and things that catch my eye

I run ‘One Camera One Lens’ Mindfulness workshops on using photography to beat blocks, become more creative and to increase well-being for small groups

I’m qualified as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner & Winning Mind Coach via the Quest Institute and have trained in Mindfulness Based Interventions with The Centre for Mindfulness Research & Practice 

My Approach To Street Photography

I use a simple, stripped back ‘One Camera One Lens’ approach to photography; my current set up consists of a Canon EOS 100D, Canon 50mm prime lens and the photo editing tools on my phone such as Snapseed

I’m a great fan of the principles of Psychogeography and often just ‘Drift’ around the streets of London taking photos of the spaces, places, people and things that both draw me in and push me away

Stoic principles also influence my approach and I’ve been a student of this philosophy for many years

Copyright Ronn ThwaitesMy photos often focus on the odd, weird, lost and unusual things that I see and I tend not to take too many photographs of people when out on the streets. When I do take them I like angles that mean they can’t be easily identified!

I prefer the things that people often walk by without a second glance; the lost things, the out-of-place, the strange and unusual

My images are always black & white which I’m sure has been influenced by the fact that everything I watched on TV as a child wasn’t in colour until I was in my late teens!

Thanks for looking and reading