‘One Camera One Lens’ Coaching Programme

Copyright Ronn Thwaites 2018As a Coach & Cognitive Hypnotherapist I often speak and work with people who have always wanted to be doing something creative in their lives but have never done anything about it

The urge is always there but there’s always something that seems to be blocking them from doing anything about it. They might dabble from time to time, have started something but never finished, run out of steam or motivation or given up in frustration due to the obstacles in their way

Also for many people, they reach a certain age and start to feel that if I don’t do it now I never will as time is running out

This feeling of wanting to be creative but not doing anything about it can, for many people, lead to a life of regrets, frustration, a sense of being unfulfilled and wondering about what would have happened if they’s have only gone for it

The ‘One Camera One Lens’ Programme is a programme I’ve created to help people who want to beat these creative blocks finally start doing something about it

This programme, which uses photography as a foundation, can help with the following creative blocks:

Fear of failure

Fear of success

‘Imposter Syndrome’



Lack of time

Fear of criticism

Lack of confidence

Lack of focus

Slumps & dips in motivation

Whatever the creative block or obstacle is, this Coaching programme can help you to identify it and come up with a plan to overcome it

The ‘One Camera One Lens’ Coaching Programme – How It Works

The process of booking one-to-one coaching sessions starts with us having an initial conversation that lasts around 60 minutes. This conversation, which can be held via phone or Skype is free of charge with absolutely no obligation to commit to anything

We’ll talk about what it is you’d like to achieve from working together and you’ll get an opportunity to ask about how I’d work with you to achieve your goals. We’ll also get a chance to discuss if we both feel my approach would work for you and that we’re happy to work with each other

This Programme isn’t for everyone; I’m not your usual ‘Life Coach’ and our sessions are not about just having a cosy chat so that you can feel good about yourself and not be challenged to change. This means I’ll get you to face up to your fears and blocks and push you and hold you accountable to actually achieve what it is you want to be doing. Our sessions might not always be easy or comfortable for you but if you’re committed they can bring you the results that you want

Structure & Pricing

All Coaching programmes are bespoke to you and your requirements; there are no ‘off the shelf’ packages

All programmes are 60 minutes long and sessions can be held in person, by telephone or via Skype; all programmes are a minimum 6 sessions long

These programmes will be structured in a way that we feel will benefit you the most. This can include having sessions on a weekly basis, every two weeks or monthly. We can also adapt the frequency as we progress

£95 per 60 minute session

Follow up phone/Skype sessions are available between sessions if required

The pricing of programmes is based upon your needs and how long we’ll be working with each other; discounts are available on packages paid in full before we begin

A non-refundable deposit for the equivalent of 3 sessions will required in full before we begin working with each other

So if you’re interested in how one-to-one ‘One Camera One Lens’ Coaching sessions might help you, contact me to book your initial, free, Coaching conversation

I look forward to working with you