‘One Camera One Lens’ Photography Workshop

Copyright Ronn Thwaites 2018
Copyright Ronn Thwaites 2018










I run ‘One Camera One Lens’ Urban Landscape Photography workshops around various locations in London throughout the year

Workshops are small group sessions of between 3 – 4 people and run from 10.00am until 4.30pm

Participants will need to have their own cameras and a basic understanding of how they work as this isn’t a technical workshop about how to use a camera

The workshops are based upon my approach to urban landscape photography and include:

  • Using a ‘One Camera One Lens’ approach to photography
  • Using Psychogeography principles in photography
  • Using ‘Mindful Walking’ in your sessions
  • Seeing your environment from a different perspective
  • Using a ‘Beginners Mind’ as urban landscape photographer
  • Adopting a ‘Project’ mentality to your photography

After workshops participants will have access to a private Facebook group to share their photographs from the day

Here’s some feedback from previous participants:

“The ‘One Camera One Lens’ Photography workshop with Ronn was wonderful. Ronn has excellent knowledge of the area he chose for the day (around London Bridge station). We went off the beaten track and discovered a different London. But what was amazing is how Ronn encouraged us all to look at things differently, and take photos that just looked different to what I normally take. We could choose a theme such as “lines” or “colours” or “signs”, or just go with the flow (which I did). It was a thoroughly enjoyable few hours with great company. I remember it fondly

Thank you Ronn” – Muriel – London

“I really enjoyed the day and especially how I felt for the rest of the weekend. I arrived feeling a little nervous as I’d bought my compact camera and had forgotten what all the buttons did! (my phone camera was the back up option). But Ronn soon put us at ease by setting a task of keeping the camera on one setting. Which is what I do on my phone camera. But then Ronn took us on a fabulous route that I had never been on even though I have been a Londoner forever.  He added in awesome local and historical knowledge which just took the attention away from worrying about camera settings and allowed us to just enjoy each moment

The second half of the morning we were let loose on our own. I felt a little lost for a few minutes and didn’t know what to do with myself but then fell across some eye-catching scenes and got back into the mode. On the way home I felt totally chilled and just at ease… Quite strange really because for the last bit we had been walking amongst crowds yet I hadn’t noticed them.

I was intrigued to see what images my fellow One camera people had taken so that we could have a comparison of each others views of the same walk..that was just amazing to see the differences. I would definitely do this again and am hoping to get out again on my own with my camera. Just need someone to give me historical commentary along the way 

Thank you so much Ronn” – Shai – London


“I would recommend Ronn’s ‘One Camera One Lens’ Photography workshop to anyone who is interested in taking a more thoughtful approach to their urban photography. Ronn’s contemporary and historical knowledge of the area was impressive and really helped us understand the stories of the area we were exploring. Previously I’ve been nervous of street photography workshops because I worried that my photography knowledge or images might be judged. In the “One Camera, One Lens” workshop there was a real feeling of everyone being a different photographer and nothing was right or wrong

I would certainly take another of Ronn’s workshops in the future” – Sara – London

Workshops take place in a variety of locations around London

Full details of workshops are posted on a regular basis or you can contact me directly for further details