Duffel Coat

Copyright Ronn ThwaitesThis was one of the strangest things I’ve found in a long time

This duffel coat was stuck in the railings by the side of a quiet road and it looked as if the occupant had literally been sucked out of it

The way the arms were sticking out in front with the hood down gave it a very eerie look and feel

Abandoned Doll

Copyright Ronn ThwaitesI came across this abandoned doll on a lunch hour walk

It was propped up in the corner of a window frame on a property that had recently gone out of business

Because of the circumstances of her resting place it made me think about what if whenever she was placed somewhere bad luck ensued?

What stories could be told about all of the places and people who encountered her?

What does she make you think about?

Lost Tee Shirt

Copyright Ronn ThwaitesThis tee shirt was tied to a tree in London and I came across it walking to the antiques market held around the corner from it every Friday

The arms were tied in a very elaborate knot which looked impossible to undo without cutting it so if the previous owner did find it it would have been useless to them